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Fruit Cake

About Us

Happyoi (our first venture in the online market)

Seeing all our friends going away from home, missing their families & people getting busy in their lives. 


We still know that emotions still exists and how ever busy they become and how far they go, the love towards your loved ones is always the same.


We understand your emotions and we take much care about every order personally and every team member of ours provide quality service.

So to keep the relations and emotions alive and happy myself and my wife came up with a though of "why don’t we deliver cakes, sweets ,chocolates and fruits to those who are far away and not finding time to make it to their loved ones” through a website.

Our website is user-friendly and our rates are very economical and we assure a hassle free experience.

We deliver the best pastries/cakes for all occasions, fresh flowers, delicious sweets & chocolates that you can’t say no to.

Thanks to our close friend who made all this happen from the moment we shared our idea with him.


Happyoi is not the first of its kind in Vizag, though not the first we shall strive hard to be the best.


1. Once the order is Placed, we do not allow any cancellation.

2. Full Payment has to be made to confirm the order.

3. Order is confirmed only after the payment is successful.

4. Please contact Razopay if you have any issue with amount deduction.

5. Happyoi has all rights to contact you for additional delivery charges if the area of delivery is too far.

6. For step cakes Rupees 500 is collected for delivery within the city.

7. Happyoi has all rights to cancel an order at any point of time.

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